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Sony’s new MDR-XB50BS Extra Bass Sports Wireless in-ear earphone merits considering for a couple of reasons: Not just is it generally modest at around $60 on the web (£60 or AU$130), yet similarly as vitally it fits well and sounds great, especially in the event that you tune in to bass-overwhelming music.

Somewhat inconvenient looking, it isn’t the littlest in-ear remote earphone, with an impression around the span of the Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless (which is, thus, three times more costly). Notwithstanding, it’s genuinely lightweight, and fit me superior to the Powerbeats3, however the Powerbeats3′ ear snares are helpful in keeping the headphones on your ears.

The MDR-XB50BS accompanies a couple of various size blades and eartips, and I could get a pleasant tight seal with the vast size of both, and that seal was critical for expanding bass execution. This is a clamor confining earphone and it does latently suppress encompassing commotion truly well, so you won’t have the capacity to hear movement while you’re running in case you’re playing your music even at direct volume levels.

Discussing running with these headphones: While I got a cozy fit and the earphones remained in my ears fine and dandy strolling around New York City and keeping in mind that lifting weights at the exercise center, I noticed a tad of slippage when I kept running with them. For me at any rate, the balance wasn’t secured my ear very as well as I figured it might have been. To be clear, everyone’s ears are molded in an unexpected way, and these may secure exceptionally well your ears. Be that as it may, I’m simply going along my experience, which left me with a few questions about whether they’d be the ideal fit for sprinters.

From a sound-quality viewpoint, they don’t call these Extra Bass Wireless in-ear earphones in vain. As I stated, they put out a great deal of bass and it’s truly better than average bass that is got some punch to it and just figures out how to abstain from entering boomy region.

These aren’t the cleanest or most nitty gritty earphones, yet they do sound especially great when you’re tuning in to electronic or hip-bounce music, and they kept up a generally sans hiccup remote association.

You can get less expensive in-ear remote games earphones than this. Typically, they’re from no-name organizations and they work acceptably for many individuals. The Sony MDR-XB50BS is a stage up from a great deal of those models, yet it’s not comparable to Jaybird’s X3, which costs around twice to such an extent. Sony additionally offers the new XB70BT necklace remote models for more than the XB50, as well.

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